Business project: The broker on rent of expensive real estate in Asia

I start business project:
Luxury real estate in Asia
I attract investments and partners by the end of 2015.
I start this project in 4. quarter 2015.

1. Expanded description of the project
The real estate agency – is indisputable profitable business with a minimum of risks.
As processing of 1 small deal and processing of 1 large deal in general are identical on time, we offer luxury real estate in rent to earn a maximum for 1 unit of time and to offer clients real estate of high level and quality. We plan to offer the rent of very expensive real estate in Asia at first in the city of Shanghai, then in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Major customers are from the USA and Europe which arrived on affairs or on rest to Asia, but don’t want to live in a hotel, and in a smarter, special conditions:
apartments in the best compounds and houses of the business class and above (including penthouses)
country houses (for example with a pool, a golf course)
separate VIP houses.
Also our clients: wealthy inhabitants of Asia.
Often sometimes it is much more favorable to rent the whole smart country house or luxury apartment, than to live in the 5th stars hotel (here it is about very high price level – the level of the President suite).
We work as the broker – we represent interests of different real estate agencies.
Essence simple, business in 3 steps:
– We employ the project manager, he goes on real estate agencies and objects, aggregates all offers in the city.
– Our SEO expert fills the web-site, regularly updates information, advances on the Internet.
– The project manager receives calls, selects options, shows them, closes transactions. We fix profit as agent of 100% of 1 month of rent or if on day- rent, the fixed sum for service.
Further we employ still performers in other cities.
2. How to advance service?
Advance of the web-site only online in the USA, Europe and Asia countries.
Strategy of advance is defined by skilled SEO expert and coordinates work of performers.
3. What resources we need?
The project manager with knowledge Chinese and English and experience in luxury real estate.
SEO expert, with experience of advance of the web-sites in Europe, the USA and Asia + performers (outsourcing)
0 USD registration of firm in Hong Kong and representations in Shanghai (one-time expenses)
0 USD creation of the web-site (one-time expenses)
0 USD the budget on Internet advance (in a month)
2500 USD the salary for the Project manager (in a month)
The project will be open within 6 business projects at once, under them the back-office and firm therefore the most part of expenses at this project it won’t be simple will be created! Look details on the web-site in the section “General Concept”
4. Plan for sales and profit
Detailed plan of sales and exit to payback here:
For the 4th month, from the moment of hiring of the Project manager, we reach operational payback (1 transaction a month).
Monthly expenses: 2500 USD
Sum of the average transaction: 2500 USD
5. What risks are we?
Human factor – key risk in this business.
The project manager can close transactions, but not speak about it, taking away profit to itself (The decision – calls through call center, the return call to the client for control of a state of affairs)
There are a lot of competitors, but we are guided by powerful Internet advance in the USA and Europe.
Also there are a number of technical problems in respect of payment, but everything is solved!
After an exit to operational profitability:
1. We employ performers in Hong Kong, Singapore and other cities;
2. We offer more services:
– sale of luxury real estate.
– rent of sport cars for our clients (as the agent).
– we offer rent luxury of real estate for 1 days for model agencies, photographic studios, photographers.

On all questions write:
Yurlov Aleksandr Vladimirovich